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Terms & Conditions


1. Warranty Period

  • Period varies depending on the item and will be indicated in purchase receipt​

2. Eligibility of Item for Warranty

  • Original receipt and packaging (including boxes), must be presented

  • Item must be within the valid warranty period

3. Warranty Coverage

  • Manufacturer Defects (Errors in creating causing it not to meet the quality standards)

  • Dead-on-Arrival (DoA) items

4. Filing for Warranty

  • Please contact us via any of our official channels or visit our store and include description, photos or video of your issue.

5. Transferability of Warranty

  • Warranty provided by Techsurged is only restricted to the original purchaser only

6. Reserved Rights

  • Techsurged reserves the right to not offer warranty services for items returned without any proof of purchase, original packaging nor accessories


1. Deposits

  • All deposits are NON-refundable

2. Returns & Exchanges

  • Items sold and brought out from Techsurged locations are NON-refundable and NON-exchangeable

3. Reserved Rights

  • Techsurged reserves the right to refund or exchange deposits or items on terms that are agreeable to both parties

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

  • Cash / Bank Transfer (BAIDURI/BIBD)

  • Credit / Debit Cards

  • QuickPay

  • Pocket

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